Shared IP Address

Shared IP Addresses

There is an accepted opinion that sites with dedicated IP addresses fare better in the search engine results as opposed to those on shared IP's. However, Google have stated that a dedicated IP will not assist your SEO rankings.

That said there are a number of distinct advantages to having a dedicated IP address:

  • Mitigate risk:
    A website on a dedicated IP address does not run the risk of being scrutinised or banned for sharing the same IP address as a website or websites that are hosting illicit content.
  • Email reputation:
    If another webiste on a shared IP gets blacklisted for sending SPAM e-mails this will affect all other websites using the shared IP address to send e-mail and could result in e-mail delivery failure. Using a dedicated IP address alleviates this risk.
  • SSL certificates:
    If selling products or services from a website and using a third-party service to handle your payments an SSL certificate will be required as this provides extra security for customer data. To acquire an SSL certificate it is necessary to have a dedicated IP address. Google have also stated that HTTPS is going to be used as a ranking factor so websites with an SSL certificate will have a ranking advantage over websites without one.
  • Third party applications:
    Certain applications or scripts run on a web server may need require a dedicated IP address to be utilized to run.

Shared IP address risks

A particular area of concern for shared IP hosting is speed. In many instances a website could share the same IP with several hundred other websites depending on the policy of the hosting company. Although a service provider may offer unlimited bandwidth if the provider puts too many websites or a high trafficed website on the same server this can lead to poor performance if they are not conscientious in how resources are allocated.

Another issue with a shared IP hosting is the possibility of the server crashing if overloaded. In an outright crash all websites sharing the IP address will be offline until server is rebooted. This can happen if a website on a shared server loads a rogue script that utilises all the resources on the web server or a website on the shared IP becomes the target of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack.

Shared IP address summary

Although Google have stated a dedicated IP address does not assist in achieving higher rankings, as mentioned in this article using a shared IP address could cause issues that would hinder a website from ranking well. If cost is not an issue it is always advisable to use a dedicated IP address and a reliable hosting company

If you are on a shared IP address then it is imperative that you continually check to ensure the following:

  • The IP address is not blacklisted
  • What other websites are sharing the IP address and if they look reputable
  • The server is not overloaded

When a website audit is carried out by Seopler we check all major blacklists and report on whether your web server IP address is blacklisted or not. We also check and list any other websites that are using your IP address. Sign up to one of our free or paid plans now and test whether your IP address is hosting other websites.